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Rebuild - Recover - Resharpen
This is our specialty.  JAS prides ourselves on our Stahl/Baum folder rebuilding.  We not only rebuild the folders we sell, but we
can rebuild your folder as well.  This can be done on many levels.  Depending on your needs and budget, we will do a partial or
full rebuild on one unit or all.  

We realize your time is money.  So, we offer a unique
recovery/exchange program for rollers, pullout collars, kick out wheels
and knife blocks.  This means we will send you a set of recovered rollers and when you install them; you send yours back to us.
Moving - Rigging
JAS Graphics offers rigging, moving, and installation services.  We can move your equipment, be it from one room to another or
one state to the next.  Our trained professionals anchor and level your equipment for proper performance.
Logistics - Storage
Auctions - Consultations
From time-to-time we offer moving services at auctions.  
Check back here or with your auction company to see if we are one of the designated riggers.

In the past, we have priced out bindery equipment for auction houses and insurance companies.  If you are in need of a quote
for replacing or fixing damaged equipment or are an auction house needing an estimate; please contact us.
Repair Service