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We are authorized dealers and service agents for the following
companies and can provide new equipment from their respective lines.  
For pricing information please contact Jay Squire 1-317-782-0517 or
Airtech USA (Orion) Vacuum Blowers and Pumps

Baumfolder: Folders
Baumfolder: Cutters, Joggers, Drills

Becker Pumps Corp. Vacuum and Pressure Pumps: We are certified
Technicians for these products.

Challenge Machinery: Cutters, Drills, Round Corner, Joggers, Accessories

Deluxe/Bostich/Interlake Stitching and Stapling Products

Dextor-Lawson Paper Drills

Glue Machine Systems

Olden Counters

Rosback Company
If you are a manufacturer and would be interested in JAS selling your items, please let us know.
Jay Squire  1-800-421-8720 or jay@jasgraphics.net